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  • drsm42g-azak-azd-k

    The DRS2 Series uses the AlphaStep AZ Series motor and driver. The motor is equipped with the Mechanical Absolute Encoder for the driving motor. The Absolute Encoder is a mechanical multi-turn Absolute Sensor, so an external sensor is not required. This helps to save space and reduce wiring, as well as more compact and lightweight design of the equipment. Actuator available with or without a Guide. Electromechanical Brake, and Rolled or Ground ball screws available.

  • DRLII Pulse Input

    High-precision integrated ball screw incorporated into a stepper motor for continuous high-positioning linear motion.

    Available with or without guide, adjustment knob or electromagnetic brake. Reduces the number of components such as couplings and secondary external guides to make equipment more compact, quicker to install with less parts to order.


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