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Speed Control AC Motors & Gear Motors

Speed control motors are ideal for applications that require the precise control of speed. These packages include an AC motor and a speed control unit.
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DSC Series Speed Control AC Motors & Gear Motors

The DSC Series features the a high strength Parallel Shaft geared motor, Electromagnetic Brake type for vertical operations or the standard round shaft AC motor, each with a matching AC Input Speed Controller.  The DSC Series AC Speed Control packages provide easy installation and many performance advantages with high reliability. Unique to Oriental Motor, the DSC Series offers closed loop control. The display and digital setting features are build-in to this compact driver.

BHF Series AC Speed Control Systems

The BHF Series consists of a high-power 200 W (1/4 HP) AC speed-control motor and a dedicated inverter.
  • 4.09 in frame size
  • Rated torque from 11.25 lb-in to 530 lb-in
  • Variable speed ranges from 0.56 ~ 13.33 r/min to 100 ~ 2400 r/min
  • RoHS Compliant

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