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The AlphaStep DGII Series uses a highly rigid hollow rotary table with a efficient and energy saving AR series closed loop motor and driver package allowing for highly accurate positioning of larger inertia loads.
Unit of Measure

Hollow Rotary Actuator
Web Price $877.00


Hollow Rotary Actuator
Web Price $880.00
Frame Size - 2.36 in60 mm
Shaft - Single - Double
Electromagnetic Brake - Not Equipped
Output Table Supporting Bearing - Deep-Groove Ball Bearing
Permissible Torque - 7.9 lb-in0.9 N·m
Inertia - 4324×10-7 kg·m²24 oz-in²
Permissible Speed Range (r/min) - 200
Gear Ratio (X:1) - 18 :1
Max. Holding Torque - 3.9 lb-in0.45 N·m
Angular Transmission Accuracy - 4 sec (0.067°)
Permissible Thrust Load - 100 N22 lb
Permissible Moment Load - 2 N·m17.7 lb-in
Runout of Output Table Surface - 0.030 mm0 in.
Runout of Output Table Inner (Outer) Diameter - 0.030 mm0 in.
Parallelism of Output Table - 0.050 mm0 in.
Degree of Protection
- [Actuator] IP40 (IP20 for motor connector) [Driver] IP20 - [Actuator] IP20 [Driver] IP20


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