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The EAS Series linear actuators offer high performance, from low speed to high speed or with light loads or heavy loads, regardless of demanding operating conditions. These motorized linear slides, with the AlphaStep AR Series motor and driver, are quick and responsive and incorporates a ball screw and a THK-manufactured LM Guide™ as the guide. Being compact and rigid, this series is effective in supporting large transportable mass. The built-in controller (stored data) allows for easy networking and simplified multi-axis control.
  • Controller connection options: 1: I/O, 2: Modbus (RTU/RS-485) or 3: FA Network (network converter)
  • Reversed Motor (Right Side) Type
  • X-axis Table
  • *Connection cables required (sold separately)


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Drive Method

- Ball Screw

Actuator Frame Size

- 58.4 mm (W) x 60 mm (H)  

Power Supply

- Single-Phase 100-120 VAC


- 50 Hz60 Hz

Electromagnetic Brake

- Not Equipped

Motor Location

- Reversed Motor (Right Side)

Table Orientation

- X-axis Table

Traveling Parallelism

- 0.03 mm

Dynamic Permissible Moment

- MP: 16.3 N·m
MY: 4.8 N·m
MR: 15 N·m  

Static Permissible Moment

- MP: 58.3 N·m
MY: 16 N·m
MR: 53.3 N·m  


- 6 mm

Max. Speed

- 400 mm/s

Max. Horizontal Transportable Mass

- 30 kg


- 125 N

Push Force

- 200 N


- 100 ~ 10000 P/R

Repetitive Positioning Accuracy

- 0.02 mm


- 300 mm

RoHS Compliant

- Yes


- EASM4RXE030ARAC [Actuator]
ARD-AD [Driver]

Number of Positioning Data Sets

- 64 Points

Positioning Operation

- Independent, Linked, Linked 2, Sequential, Direct, Pushing


- Modbus Protocol (Modbus RTU mode)

Electrical Characteristics

- In compliance with EIA-485. Use twisted-pair cables (TIA/EIA-568B CAT5e or greater recommended). The max. total extension length is 50 m.

Transmission/Reception Mode

- Half-duplex

Baud Rate

- 9600 bps/19200 bps/57600 bps/115200 bps

Physical Layer

- Start-stop synchronization (data: 8-bits, stop bit: 1-bit or 2-bits, parity: none, even or odd)

Connection Type

- Up to 31 units can be connected to a single programmable controller (master unit).








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