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High-precision integrated ball screw incorporated into a stepper motor for continuous high-positioning linear motion. Available with or without guide, adjustment knob or electromagnetic brake.

Reduces the number of components such as couplings and secondary external guides to make equipment more compact, quicker to install with less parts to order. Packages include linear actuator and microstepping driver (pulse input type).


Product Line Update

Unit of Measure
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Motor Type

- 5-Phase

Actuator Frame Size

- 2.36 in.60 mm

Drive Method

- Ground Ball Screw

Repetitive Positioning Accuracy

- ±0.0001 in.±0.003 mm

Maximum Load Moment

- MP: 85 oz-in
MY: 49 oz-in
MR: 310 oz-in  
MP: 0.6 N·m
MY: 0.35 N·m
MR: 2.2 N·m  

Lost Motion

- 0.00079 in.  0.002 mm  

Power Supply

- 24 VDC


- 2.5 A


- High-Resolution


- Equipped

Electromagnetic Brake

- Not Equipped

Adjusting Knob

- Equipped


- 0.16 in.4 mm


- 1.97 in.50 mm

Actuator Connection Type

- Connector

Lead Wires

- 5

Max. Vertical Transportable Mass

- 33 lb15 kg

Max. Horizontal Transportable Mass

- 6.60 lb3 kg

Max. Speed

- 0.87 in/s22 mm/s

Max. Thrust Force

- 67 lb300 N

Max. Holding Force

- 67 lb300 N


- 0.00016 in.  0.004 mm  


- DRLM60G-05B4MN-K [Actuator]
LRD514-K [Driver]

RoHS Compliant

- These products do not contain substances that exceed the regulation values in the RoHS Directive.

Safety Standards

- CE

Insulation Resistance

- [Actuator] 100 MΩ or more when 500 VDC megger is applied between the motor windings and case.
[Driver] The measured value is 100 MΩ or more when a 500 VDC megger is applied between the FG Terminal - Power Input Terminal.

Dielectric Strength

- [Actuator] Sufficient to withstand 1.0 kV at 50 Hz or 60 Hz applied between the motor windings and case for 1 minute.

Ambient Temperature Range

- 32°F ~ 104°F (0°C ~ 40°C) (nonfreezing)

Ambient Humidity

- 85% or less (noncondensing)






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