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High-precision integrated ball screw incorporated into a stepper motor for continuous high-positioning linear motion. Reduces the number of components such as couplings and secondary external guides to make equipment more compact, quicker to install with less parts to order.

The built-in controller (stored data) allows for easy networking and simplified multi-axis control.

  • Controller connection options: 1: I/O, 2: Modbus (RTU/RS-485) or 3: FA Network (network converter)
  • Low Vibration
  • High Positioning Accuracy
  • Reliable Design and Structure
*Includes a motor lead wire/connector assembly of 0.6 m (2 ft.)


Built-in Controller (Stored Data Type)

Unit of Measure
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Motor Type

- 5-Phase

Actuator Frame Size

- 2.36 in.60 mm

Drive Method

- Ground Ball Screw

Repetitive Positioning Accuracy

- ±0.0001 in.±0.003 mm

Lost Motion

- 0.00079 in.  0.002 mm  

Maximum Load Moment

- MP: 85 oz-in
MY: 49 oz-in
MR: 310 oz-in  
MP: 0.6 N·m
MY: 0.35 N·m
MR: 2.2 N·m  

Power Supply

- 24 VDC


- 2.5 A


- High-Resolution


- Equipped

Electromagnetic Brake

- Equipped

Adjusting Knob

- Not Equipped


- 0.16 in.4 mm


- 1.97 in.50 mm

Actuator Connection Type

- Connector

Lead Wires

- 5

Max. Vertical Transportable Mass

- 33 lb15 kg

Max. Horizontal Transportable Mass

- 6.60 lb3 kg

Max. Speed

- 0.87 in/s22 mm/s

Max. Thrust Force

- 67 lb300 N

Max. Holding Force

- 67 lb300 N


- 0.00016 in.  0.004 mm  


- DRLM60G-05B4MM-K [Actuator]
LRD514-KD [Driver]

RoHS Compliant

- These products do not contain substances that exceed the regulation values in the RoHS Directive.

Safety Standards

- CE

Insulation Resistance

- [Actuator] 100 MΩ or more when 500 VDC megger is applied between the motor windings and case.
[Driver] The measured value is 100 MΩ or more when a 500 VDC megger is applied between the FG Terminal - Power Input Terminal.

Dielectric Strength

- [Actuator] Sufficient to withstand 1.0 kV at 50 Hz or 60 Hz applied between the motor windings and case for 1 minute.

Ambient Temperature Range

- 32°F ~ 104°F (0°C ~ 40°C) (nonfreezing)

Ambient Humidity

- 85% or less (noncondensing)

Number of Positioning Data Sets

- 63 Points

Positioning Operation

- Independent, Linked, Linked 2, Sequential, Direct

Other Operations

- Jog Operation, Return-to-Home Operation, Continuous Operation, Test Operation


- Modbus Protocol (Modbus RTU mode)

Electrical Characteristics

- EIA-485 based
Use twisted-pair wire (TIA/EIA-568B CAT5e or greater recommended), and set a max. total length of 50 m (164 ft.)

Transmission/Reception Mode

- Half-duplex communication

Baud Rate

- 9600 bps/19200 bps/57600 bps/115200 bps

Physical Layer

- Start-stop synchronization mode (Data: 8-bits, stop bit: 1-bit/2-bit, parity: none/even numbers/odd numbers)

Connection Type

- Up to 31 units can be connected to one programmable controller (master equipment).






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