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DSC Series speed controller for AC speed control motors.


Speed Controller

Speed Controllers

Unit of Measure
Lead Time1 - Contact your local sales office for more information.

Power Supply

- Single-Phase 220/230 VAC

Frequency (Hz)

- 60 50


- 0.135 A

Control Power Source

- 24 VDC ±10% 0.15 A or more

Electromagnetic Brake

- Supported

RoHS Compliant

- These products do not contain substances that exceed the regulation values in the RoHS Directive.

Safety Standards


CE Marking

- Low Voltage Directives EMC Directive

Degree of Protection

- IP20

Speed Control Method (Select one of the following)

- Setting via control panel (A maximum of 4 patterns of operating data can be set) External speed potentiometer: PAVR-20KZ (20 kΩ, 1/4 W) External DC voltage: 0 ~ 5 VDC, or 0 ~ 10 VDC

Acceleration/Deceleration Time Setting Range

- 0.0 ~ 15.0 seconds
Acceleration/deceleration time varies with the load condition of the motor.

Monitoring Mode

- Speed, operating data number, alarm code, warning code, I/O monitor

Data Mode

- Speed, acceleration time, deceleration time, reset

Parameter Mode

- Gear ratio, speed increasing ratio, fixed last digit display, initial operation inhibition alarm, external speed command input, external speed command voltage selection, external speed command offset, speed upper and lower limit, input function selection, output function selection, motor lock detection time, motor rotation direction, reset

Test Mode

- JOG Operation

Other Function

- Lock data editing

Input Signals

- Photocoupler Input Input resistance 4.7 kΩ
Arbitrary signal assignment to IN0 ~ IN5 input (6 points) is possible [ ]: Initial setting
Sink Input/Source Input…Can be switched using the selection switch: Factory setting sink input

Output Signals

- Photocoupler and Open-Collector Output External power supply: 4.5~30 VDC 40 mA max.
Arbitrary signal assignment to OUT0, OUT1 output (2 points) is possible [ ]: initial setting
Sink Output/Source Output…Supports external wiring

Protective Function

- When the following protective functions are activated, the motor will coast to a stop, and the ALARM output will be turned off. At the same, the alarm code will be displayed on the control panel and the ALARM LED will illuminate.
Alarm Types: Motor overheat, motor lock, overspeed, EEPROM error, initial operation inhibition, external stop




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