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The MDA series features a built-in alarm circuit that the host controller can recognize if the fan speed drops. This is important for noticing quick drops in the cooling capacity of the fan caused by a service life of the fan or by the ingress of a foreign objects.
  • Alarm Type


Unit of Measure
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Fan Type

- Axial Fan

Frame Size

- 4.72 in120 mm


- 1.50 in.38 mm

Power Supply

- 24 VDC


- 0.50


- Low Speed Alarm - Electronic

Connection Type

- Lead Wire

Speed (r/min)

- 3600

Max. Air Flow

- 137 CFM  3.88 m3/min  

Max. Static Pressure

- 0.542 inH2O  135 Pa  

Noise Level

- 49 db (A)

Fan Kit

- Fan Only

RoHS Compliant

- These products do not contain substances that exceed the regulation values in the RoHS Directive.

Safety Standards


Alarm Type

- Electronic

Alarm Activation Speed

- 2100 ± 400 r/min

Output Mode

- Open-collector output

Output Condition

- Normal operation: L level (Internal transistor ON)
Alarm output: H level (Internal transistor OFF)

Maximum Rating

- Maximum Applied Voltage: 30 VDC max.
Maximum Inflow Current: 15 mA max.

Delay Function

- Built-In Starting Delay Time: 10 sec. max. (The alarm function starts monitoring within 10 sec. after the power is turned on.)

Circuit Connection

Circuit Connection





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