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These DC Axial fans easily allow for changes in fan speed. They employ a PWM control method by which speed is changed with a PWM control circuit (not supplied).


Unit of Measure
Lead Time1 - Contact your local sales office for more information.

Fan Type

- Axial Fan

Frame Size

- 4.72 in120 mm


- 1.50 in.38 mm

Power Supply

- 24 VDC


- 1.5 A [100% PWM Duty]


- Pulse Sensor

Connection Type

- Lead Wire

Speed (r/min)

- 6400 [100% PWM Duty]

Max. Air Flow

- 224 CFM [100% PWM Duty]  6.35 m3/min [100% PWM Duty]  

Max. Static Pressure

- 1.45 inH2O [100% PWM Duty]  360 Pa [100% PWM Duty]  

Noise Level

- 64 dB (A) [100% PWM Duty]

RoHS Compliant

- These products do not contain substances that exceed the regulation values in the RoHS Directive.

Safety Standards


CE Marking

- EMC Directives

Input Signal



- Max Speed - PWM Duty 100% or control lead wire open.
When the control lead wire is open, the fan speed is the same as the one at a PWM duty cycle of 100%.

Example of Connection Schematic


Alarm Type

- Pulse Sensor

Output Pulse

- Two pulses per fan revolution

Output Mode

- Open-collector output

Output Condition

- Output Conditions - [output9.jpg]

Maximum Rating

- Maximum applied voltage: 30 VDC max.
Maximum current Ic: 5 mA max.

Circuit Connection

Circuit Connection





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