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The DRS2 Series uses the AlphaStep AZ Series equipped with the Absolute Sensor for the driving motor. The Absolute Sensor is a mechanical multi-turn Absolute Sensor, so an external sensor is not required. This helps to save space and reduce wiring, as well as more compact and lightweight design of the equipment. The built-in controller (stored data) allows for easy networking and simplified multi-axis control.
  • Controller connection options: 1: I/O, 2: Modbus (RTU/RS-485) or 3: FA Network (network converter)
  • Low Vibration
  • High Positioning Accuracy
  • Reliable Design and Structure

*Connection cables required (sold separately)


Unit of Measure
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Motor Type

- AZ Series with Absolute Sensor

Driver Type

- Built-in Controller (Stored Data Type)

Power Supply

- 24/48 VDC

Actuator Frame Size

- 2.36 in.60 mm

Drive Method

- Rolled Ball Screw

Repetitive Positioning Accuracy

- ±0.0004 in.±0.01 mm

Lost Motion

- 0.002 in.  0.05 mm  


- Not Equipped

Electromagnetic Brake

- Equipped


- 0.157 in.4 mm


- 1.97 in.50 mm

Max. Vertical Transportable Mass

- 110 lb50 kg

Max. Horizontal Transportable Mass

- 110 lb50 kg

Max. Speed

- 1.97 in/s50 mm/s

Max. Thrust Force

- 112 lb500 N

Push Force

- 112 lb500 N

Max. Holding Force

- 112 lb500 N


- DRSM60-05A4AZMK (Actuator)
AZD-KD (Driver)

RoHS Compliant

- These products do not contain substances that exceed the regulation values in the RoHS Directive.

Safety Standards

- CE

Insulation Resistance

- [Actuator] 100 MΩ or more when 500 VDC megger is applied between the motor windings and case.
[Driver] The measured value is 100 MΩ or more when a 500 VDC megger is applied between the FG Terminal - Power Input Terminal.

Dielectric Strength

- [Actuator] Sufficient to withstand 1 kV at 50 Hz or 60 Hz applied between the motor windings and case for 1 minute.

Ambient Temperature Range

- 32°F ~ 104°F (0°C ~ 40°C) (nonfreezing)

Ambient Humidity

- 85% or less (noncondensing)

Number of Positioning Data Sets

- 256


- Modbus RTU Mode

Electrical Characteristics

- EIA-485 Based, Straight Cable
Use shielded twisted-pair cables (TIA/EIA-568B CAT5e or better recommended)> The maximum total extension length is 50 m.

Transmission/Reception Mode

- Half duplex and start-stop synchronization (data: 8 bits, stop it: 1 bit or 2 bits, parity: none, even or odd)

Baud Rate

- Select from 9600 bps / 19200 bps / 38400 bps / 57600 bps / 115200 bps / 230400 bps

Connection Type

- Up to 31 units can be connected to a single programmable controller (master unit).





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