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Enclosure Fan features an Axial Flow Fan combined with a Dust and Water Resistant (IP43) cover and filter to protect equipment against the ingress of wires (with a diameter of 1 mm min.) and sprayed water (coming from directions within a range of 60° relative to the vertical plane).


Enclosure Fan Packages

Unit of Measure
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Product Line

- ORIX ®

Fan Type

- Enclosure Fan

Cover Type

- Dust and Water Resistant (IP43)

Enclosure Dimensions

- 6.18 in. (W) X 6.69 in. (H)  157 mm (W) X 170 mm (H)  

Frame Size

- 4.69 in119 mm


- 1 in.25.40 mm

Power Supply

- 24 VDC


- 0.26 A

Degree of Protection

- IP43

Air Flow Direction

- Exhaust Type

Speed (r/min)

- 2650

Max. Air Flow

- 28.2 CFM  0.8 m³/min  

Max. Static Pressure

- 0.18 inH2O  45 Pa  

Noise Level

- 45 dB (A)

RoHS Compliant

- Conforms to RoHS Directive (2011/65 / EU)

Safety Standards


CE Marking

- EMC Directives

Insulation Resistance

- 10 M Ω or more when 250 VDC is applied between the windings and the frame under normal ambient temperature and humidity.

Dielectric Strength

- Sufficient to withstand 500V at 50Hz applied between the windings and the frame for 1 minute under normal ambient temperature and humidity.

Temperature Rise

- 18°F (10°C) or less measured by the thermometer method after the temperature of the case has stabilized after continuous operation under normal ambient temperature and humidity.

Insulation Class

- Class E (248°F [120°C]), Recognized as Class A (221°F [105°C]) by UL and CSA standards.

Overheat Protection

- Built-in Overheat Protection Circuit

Ambient Temperature Range

- 14°F ~ 140°F (-10°C ~ 60°C)

Ambient Humidity

- 85% or less (noncondensing)





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